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Our facilities are home to events such as:


IPL’s facilities have been used to host parties such as: East, Soca Parties, Footloose, Yesterday and Mellow Vibes.

Sports Events

IPL’s facilities have been used to host sporting events such as:  UWI Games, ISSA Boys and Girls Championships, Gibson Relays and CARIFTA Swim Championships.

Church Services

IPL’s facilities have been used to host church services such as Power Faith’s church sevices.

Concerts ​

IPL’s facilities have been used to host concerts such as Buju Banton’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’, One Love Peace and The Wonder Dream.  

Planning an Event?

IPL has the venue you need. Our  facilities are excellent for events of all nature. If you need to host it, we have the space for it.  The process of booking is quick and easy.

Event Hosting

IPL’s Facilities are available for event organizers to be used as venues for their events. The process of booking a venue at one of our available facilities is an easy one.


Event organizers have the option of touring our facilities having set a date beforehand. Tours can also be scheduled by anyone who desires to view our facilities.

Here at IPL, Your Safety Comes First!!

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